Welcome to the Sonoma County Democratic Party! Our HQ at 120 D St., SR, opens Sept. 6, be there for a 2 pm. Democratic Party.

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CTA Offices
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Sonoma Dirty Trick

By: Jose Martinez with SEIU Local 1021
Saturday, April 18, 2009

In this historic moment of staggering financial collapse, Sonoma County is intensifying its own fiscal crisis?and the impact on its most vulnerable residents?in order to cheat former employees out of the health care the County promised them in return for years of loyal public service. It?s a complicated story that County taxpayers have a right to understand.

The County is cutting public services across the board. County Administrator Bob Deis has ordered department heads to budget for cuts in public services as deep as 15%. Programs slated for elimination include veterans? services, the Orenda Center?s drug and alcohol diversion program, domestic violence services, and the helicopter-borne paramedic and rescue program to which many County residents owe their lives. Other County programs are slated for significant reductions.

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Forthcoming Events
04 September at 05:30 PM
Dorothy Battenfeld's campaign event & fundraiser

06 September at 02:00 PM
HQ at 120 D St. opens

07 September at 03:00 PM
Deb Fudge Campaign Kick-off Event

09 September at 06:30 PM
Regular monthly committee meeting

11 September at 05:30 PM
Meet Chris Coursey event

14 September at 02:00 PM
Jim Wood's salmon BBQ

16 September at 06:30 PM
CS&D meets

28 September at 02:00 PM
Memorial service for Phil Harlan

05 October at 12:00 PM
Annual SoCo Dems BBQ

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