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SCDP Resolution Opposing AB 2145 (Bradford)

WHEREAS, the two existing Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs in the State (Marin Clean Energy and Sonoma Clean Power) offer cleaner power at lower rates, and CCA enhances consumer choice, promotes local decision-making, helps achieve environmental goals and greenhouse gas reduction targets, and can bring local economic benefits, and AB 2145 severely limits the prospects for the launch of any future Community Choice programs in the State of California; and

WHEREAS, on April 17, 2014, David Rabbitt, Chair of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, wrote a letter on behalf of the Board of Supervisors to Assemblymember Steven Bradford, Chair of the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee expressing the Board’s firm opposition to AB 2145; and

WHEREAS, AB 2145 is pro-monopoly and protects the status quo by returning market power to shareholder-controlled utilities, and is another attempt by utilities after the 2010 defeat of Propositon 16 (despite $46 million spent by utilities) to seriously weaken the feasibility of CCA; now   

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sonoma County Democratic Party calls upon the California State Senate to vote no on AB 2145, that we sign on as a central committee to NO on 2145 and that we shall seek the support of central committees throughout the state to defeat this bill; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Sonoma County Democratic Party submit a California Democratic Party Legislation Submission Form to the Legislation Committee requesting the California Democratic Party to oppose AB 2145, and that we send supporting materials to the committee and that we also send representatives to testify at the Legislation Committee meeting at the Executive Board Meeting, July 11-13, 2014 in Oakland CA.

Resolution adopted by the Sonoma County Democratic Party on June 10, 2014  
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SCDP Statement on Efren Carrillo

Issued by the Executive Committee of the
Sonoma County Democratic Party, May 1, 2014

Last August, the Sonoma County Democratic Party approved a public statement that said that if the details of the case against Supervisor Efren Carrillo had been portrayed accurately in the press, we believed that his behavior would fail to meet the standard of conduct we expect from our elected officials.

We have heard his side of the story and we have heard testimony from the victim in the case.

By his own admission, Mr. Carrillo went to a woman's residence in the middle of the night, uninvited and in his underwear, in anticipation of having sexual relations with a woman he barely knew. Through the trial, we learned that not one woman, but three, at the residence felt so threatened by his conduct that they armed themselves with knives and summoned police for help.

The facts presented in the press at the time of the incident were factually correct as they were revealed through testimony at trial.

Mr. Carrillo's testimony toward the facts in the case has served to further undermine his credibility as a public official and his credibility as an effective representative of the residents of the Fifth Supervisorial District.

Therefore, the  Sonoma County Democratic Party reaffirms its resolution of August 14, 2013 and calls upon Mr. Carrillo to resign immediately.

To read the August 14, 2013 statement, click here.
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SCDP Resolution Supporting Establishment of a Citizen Review Board

In a resolution approved overwhelmingly on April 8, the Sonoma County Democratic Party’s Central Committee voiced its backing for establishment of a citizen review panel that would have authority to conduct independent investigations of incidents in which the public has complaints about actions of law enforcement officers.
Members of the Democratic Party’s Ad Hoc Committee on Public Oversight delivered the text of the resolution on Monday evening to the Community and Law Enforcement Task Force. The 21-member task force, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, is considering ways to improve community confidence in law enforcement, including whether to create an independent process for reviewing complaints about law enforcement.
The Sonoma County Democratic Party has been on record since 2000 as supporting recommendations of the California Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which called for creation of citizen review boards. Full text of the resolution follows:
Sonoma County Democratic Party Resolution Supporting Establishment of a Citizen Review Board

Whereas, the Sonoma County Democratic Party has historically advocated for the creation of a Citizen Review Board of Sonoma County law enforcement agencies, dating to the recommendations of the May, 2000 fact finding report of the California Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, which included the establishment of a citizen review board that has never, to date, been established; and

Whereas, the Sonoma County Democratic Party supports the work of the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force chartered by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on December 10, 2013, in an effort to begin rebuilding public confidence in local law enforcement, following the fatal shooting, on October 22, 2013, by a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy of thirteen-year-old Andy Lopez in unincorporated Sonoma County; 

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Sonoma County Democratic Party reaffirms that a citizen review board should be established in Sonoma County that would have two functions: the independent review of complaints about, and the monitoring of, law enforcement, and which would include the following elements:
Constitution, administration and staffing
  1. Volunteers should be appointed by elected officials with the makeup of the board reflecting the racial and ethnic diversity of Sonoma County.
  2. Board volunteers should be properly trained with instruction, including a minimum three-hour ride-along with an officer, diversity training, and attendance at a training created by county law enforcement to familiarize board members with law enforcement procedures.
  3. The Board should have a paid staff, which should include, at a minimum, a trained investigator, an administrator, and an administrative support staffer.
  4. The budget and size of the staff should be adequate to support the work of the Board and to keep the workload of volunteer members at a level at which all members of the community may serve, regardless of constraints of full time work, childcare, or study.
  5. Board meetings should be open to the public.
  6. All Board recommendations should be directed to the elected body that created the board. 
Review of complaints
  1. The Board should have the power to conduct independent investigations with subpoena power, the right to interview witness, and access to all investigative materials, including, but not limited to, reports of the coroner and reports by officers on the scenes.
  2. The Board should review all complaints directed to it by the public.
  3. The Board should automatically investigate any officer-involved fatality or firearm discharge.
  4. The Board should automatically investigate any deaths in custody.
  5. The office of the review Board should be in a location separate from any law enforcement agency.
Monitoring of law enforcement
  1. The Board should have the power to review and recommend changes to police policy and procedures, including, but not limited to, community policing, the use of officer activated cameras, the use of tasers, the content and frequency of officer training, appropriate use of force, risk management, and community relations.
  2. The Board should implement the creation of an Early Intervention System (EIS) to track complaints against officers.
  3. The Board should audit the quality of complaint investigations with regard to intake, screening, recording, reporting, investigative effort, and disposition.

Resolution adopted by the Sonoma County Democratic Party on April 8, 2014  
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Sonoma County Democratic Party Resolution Opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Sonoma County Democratic Party Resolution in Support of Working Families, Our Environment and Fair Trade   

WHEREAS, U.S. trade negotiators have crafted the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) according to the outdated architecture of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) using a secretive and deeply flawed negotiation process; and 

WHEREAS, agreements built according to NAFTA/WTO architecture have caused millions of U.S. jobs losses, substantially contributed to dismal growth in real wages, and allow foreign corporations to challenge domestic public interest laws in offshore courts; and 

WHEREAS, negotiations for the TPP have given multinational firms undue influence in crafting the agreement while virtually locking out organized labor, human rights advocates, environmental and public health groups, and dangerously ignoring the need for prudent financial regulation; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sonoma County Democratic Party opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as currently constructed, because it will dramatically increase fracking across the U.S., fails to include adequate environmental and labor protections, dangerously grants new rights to foreign corporations and undermines prudent regulation of the financial industry; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Sonoma County Democratic Party opposes granting Trade Promotion Authority (a.k.a. Fast Track) for the TPP, and encourages the creation of a transparent and inclusive trade negotiation procedure.

Resolution adopted by the Sonoma County Democratic Party on February 11, 2014
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Sonoma County Democratic Party Resolution in Support of Public Banking

WHEREAS, public banking has been used by nations around the world for two centuries; promoting the public welfare, and enhancing the commons, by empowering governments to hold capital in favor of the common good, rather than toward the benefit of private interests; taking advantage of the “local multiplier effect” that has proven in multiple studies to double, and even triple, the amount of revenues spent locally by local independent business versus regional and national chains; and

WHEREAS, international events, such as the “bail-ins” of Cyprus, along with the housing and market crashes of the previous decade, have made the future financial stability of the world uncertain, and put the savings and earnings of the people, and public holdings, at risk; and   

WHEREAS, San Francisco Deputy Attorney Thomas J. Owen recently issued a legal opinion supporting San Francisco's authority to create a public bank as a charter city, stating: “A court would likely conclude that Section 23007 [and Article XVI, section 6 of the State Constitution] does not cover San Francisco because the City is a chartered city and county [. . . .] [A] court would likely then determine that neither those laws nor the general limitations on expending City funds for a municipal purpose bar the City from establishing a municipal bank,” and that Santa Rosa and Petaluma are charter cities within Sonoma County; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sonoma County Democratic Party calls upon the city councils of Petaluma and Santa Rosa, as charter cities, to introduce resolutions in favor of the creation of municipal public banks in order to mobilize the assets of all the municipalities and special districts within Sonoma County into complimenting public banks, cooperating with the banks in the county, including those local, regional and national, enlarging the power and opportunities for the development of agriculture and local business in the whole county, while respecting the historical labor culture of Sonoma; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Sonoma County Democratic Party calls upon the California Democratic Party, to adopt similar language into its charter, circulate it amongst the county Democratic parties, and to call upon to the State Legislature to amend the state constitution so to empower the state and its non-charter cities, and counties, to create a system of public banking to promote the sovereignty of the state and the prosperity of the commonwealth.

Resolution adopted by the Sonoma County Democratic Party on January 14, 2014
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